Google Ads

There are plenty of Agencies and Freelancers that do Google Ads but do they do it right? We combine Google Ads with Landing pages tailored to fit your campaigns perfectly. This way we maximize the impact of the Sales Funnels we create for you and try to touch your clients really early in their buyers journey.

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SoMe Marketing

Social Media? We got you covered but which platform is the best for you? Depending on your activities and on what you sell some Social Media platforms are more suitable for you than others. The right platforms combined with good Landing pages is the key to conquer the Social Market.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages. Our little secret. WE create custom tailored Landing pages built around your products or services. We create campaigns that combine Landing pages with Adwords and SoMe marketing to create a perfect bond between these 3 elements. This is why our method actually converts and generates solid leads.

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How we do it

If you are in the situation where you have a website, you have social media but you just feel like it’s not getting you anything and you are wasting time with it, there is nothing you did wrong. You are just not using it to its full potential. Having a sword does not make you a musketeer.

We combine Google Ads with SoMe Ads and Landing pages that actually convert.
We don’t work with Packages because we believe each client is unique and some things work and some do not. That is why our offers are unique. After we assess your plans we draw out the mediums we need to use in your online campaigns.

About us

The people behind ADBooster are experienced online wizards that almost grew up together with the internet. We have seen everything and have done everything so we can say that we are well cooked on both sides.

After all the years of hard work and successful projects we took everything online and made Indicom: an online company that can take care of all your online needs. We do this by existing exclusively online. Our team consists of a group of talented people from all fields that are spread all around the Globe, always ready to take the pressure of your online business and use the strength of our skills to lift any obstacles that you might encounter in your journey.


Jens has over 20 years of experience with online programming and marketing, strategy and innovation. He is a co-owner of Lifepeaks, a full service platform that offers gift card handling, tickets and stays for the nation’s best shops, hotels and restaurants.

In Adbooster, Jens is responsible for strategy, growth hacking and the overall planning for the customers. He is also the one who handles the contact with the developers around the world.

He has run a virtual business for the last 10 years – no office and fixed expenses.

In private, Jens has the black belt in Ju-Jitsu and is a former national team coach. He is a winter swimmer and does Crossfit and has four children with his wife, Gitte.


Alex is an online specialist.

He has worked in visual media for over 10 years and has for the last 5 years concentrated on digital marketing and online communication.

He started his career as a photographer and entered the TV industry, where he worked his way up from cameraman to editor and producer. When he left the TV industry, he started his own company in design and marketing.

In 2018, he met Jens and moved to Denmark. Here the two set out on a joint journey with projects and the collaboration in Indicom ApS.

Alex is responsible for the campaigns in Adbooster. He develops concepts and ideas and checks that the campaigns work. He is there to make sure things get done.

In his spare time, Alex learns Danish. It’s progressing, but English is still he preferred language. He is a YouTuber, CS: GO Player and art lover. Alex lives in Denmark with his fiancée.


Andrei is Adbooster’s lead designer.

He has been a graphic designer for 14 years. Over time, he has had hundreds of projects and worked for brands such as Red Bull, L’Occitane, L’oreal and Haribo. He lives in Romania and is AdBooster’s lead designer, but has already worked with the team on many projects. He is the man who provides a beautiful design that suits both the brand and the latest design trends.

In private, Andrei is a nature lover who never misses the chance to climb or hike. He loves to paint and read, and it is his clear belief that life is worth nothing without music.